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How do we place students in class levels?

We have trained over 10,000 students since 1983, and we take great pride in class placement for each individual student. Class placement is unique to each student, and involves a variety of factors, such as:

•  Individual Maturity Level
•  Focus
•  Technical Abilities and Potential
•  Physical Body Facility

•  Personal Attitude
•  Growth
•  Work Ethic

If you are new to Debbie's School Of Dance, Miss Debbie the Director will assist placing you in an appropriate level class. Class Placement may be adjusted during the first three weeks of a new season, depending on need.

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Why do you allow for unlimited make up classes at no charge throughout the season?

At Debbie's School Of Dance, training followed by performance is our main focus for you-the student. So if you miss a class due to illness, school functions, or other reasons- we highly encourage you to make up the class so that your technique continues to progress.

•  Unlimited Make Up Classes in any form of performing arts in your level
•  Non-scheduled make up classes- you can drop in any time that is convenient for you
•  Unlimited time frame to make up missed classes throughout the entire season

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Do I pay tuition for the months with holidays (e.g. Winter Holidays Christmas and Mardi Gras)?

No. The tuition calendar is based on 35 weeks of classes from August through May. Holidays (such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving Week, December Holiday Closing, MLK Holiday, Winter Break, and Spring Break) are not included in those 35 weeks. Some months there may be 5 classes and other months there may be fewer—but we do not overcharge or undercharge you depending on the month. Again, tuition is based on 35 weeks of classes. As a courtesy, we also allow for unlimited make up classes throughout the entire season.

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How can I submit comments, concerns, or testimonials about Debbie's School Of Dance?

We welcome all of your feedback at Debbie's School Of Dance a way for you to let us know how we are serving your needs: Email We would love to hear from you and sincerely thank you for your testimonial or feedback.

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I am considering Debbie's School Of Dance... can I try a free class?

Absolutely, at Debbie's School Of Dance we offer FREE trial classes in each form of performing arts. Let the front desk know that you are coming in for a Trial Class(es). We know that choosing a dance school can be daunting, but we are very proud of our programs--so come in today to experience the professional difference yourself.

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Is there anything special I need to know about dance classes for my preschooler?

Our purpose is to provide the highest-quality preschool education in a secure, nurturing, and stimulating environment. Debbie’s School of Dance serves the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of the preschool students. We meet these goals with our age appropriate curriculum and ongoing communication with parents.

The first few weeks of classes serve as an introductory phase to help students become comfortable with the overall dance experience, the classroom, their teacher, and their classmates, awareness, and developing imagination. We accomplish this through age-appropriate music and songs, simple stretching exercises, ballet and tumbling basics, and games in an environment of creativity. Some preschool students will incorporate simple tap-dance movement at ages 4 and 5.

Preschool dance is about helping children learn to tap into their imaginations and express themselves creatively, and not necessarily about learning steps (although they do get introduced to some basic steps). So don’t be disappointed if your child doesn’t pirouette around the house or look like a budding ballerina right away.

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My child is not used to being separated from me. What should I do?

The process of separating from the parents when attending dance class is an important accomplishment of preschool children. As children mature, they begin to identify themselves as independent personalities. In separating from their parents children learn:

•  to develop an interest in the activities of the dance class;
•  to understand that their parent will come back and pick them up;
•  to understand that all parents leave their children and come back for them

It is important to know that at times young children will explore the limits of attending dance class and say they don’t want to go. This period may occur anytime, but it is usually short-lived. Here are some suggestions that might help you handle the situation.

•  Emphasize what the child is doing at the dance class rather than what you do while he/she is in class
•  Before you leave, see that the child is involved in an activity or in the hands of a teacher.
•  Avoid prolonged good-byes
•  Ask the teacher for help in separation. We expect crying ... and usually the tears are for the parent’s benefit!

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